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  • 'Barrocchio' by Jack Cove
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  • Photos by Maz Hawes
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  • Su Barclay Photography
  • Su Barclay Photography
  • Su Barclay Photography
  • Casole d'Elsa
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  • Casole d'Elsa

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We get lots of questions about travelling to and from Casole. It is not the most accessible place by public transport due to the fact that it does not have a train station and the buses run to and from the nearest large town (Colle di val d'Elsa) only four times a day. From Colle you can get connections onward to Siena, Poggibonsi, Firenze (Florence) and Volterra.


Most people fly to Pisa when coming from the UK and Europe but visitors from further afield might come via Rome or Florence (Firenze).

BUS INFO (This might not be completely up to date.  Please check online - try the moovit web site.)


Casole to Colle val d'Elsa - Bus number 126
Depart from Casole Arrive in Colle Duration
06:37 07:07 30 min
07:37 08:07 30 min
11:40 12:03 23 min
15:12 15:42 30 min
Colle val d'Elsa to Casole - Bus number 126
Depart from Colle Arrive in Casole Duration



27 min



31 min



26 min



31 min

Poggibonsi to Colle val d'Elsa - bus number 130 (Linea 131 or 130)

Approximately every 10 minutes in both directions.

For further bus information to and from Casole take the link to the region of Siena online bus service search

For information about travelling from Colle to Volterra take the link to the 770 Bus timetable


The Florence bus station is right by the main train station (Santa Maria Novella) so that is convenient.t is the 131 line, but be sure to get on the 'ordinary' bus (corsa ordinaria) which stops at Poggibonsi and Colle. Do not get on the Rapid bus as it shoots straight to Siena. This line generally leaves at 40 minutes past every hour and takes about an hour and a quarter/half depending on traffic.

From Colle you can either get a taxi (only 15 km to Casole) or you can get the bus number 126 - the timetable is above.


To get to Volterra you would have to get the early bus from Casole to Colle. In Colle you can get a bus at 9:45 direct to Volterra (50 mins). There is a return bus from Volterra at 14:45 (which would leave you stranded in Colle all afternoon, though the old part of Colle is worth a visit) or at 17:13, which would be just in time for the 18:29 back to Casole.


The nearest train station is Poggibonsi. You can get from Poggibonsi to Casole by taxi or if you take the bus you have to change at Colle di val d'Elsa.

TRAIN FROM PISA TO POGGIBONSI: Take a train from Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale (usually these go about 3 times an hour). Then take a train from Pisa Centrale to Empoli (The train will be heading for Florence but get off at Empoli). At Empoli take the train to Poggibonsi. (This train will be heading for Siena but get off at Poggibonsi) Generally there are lots of trains running so you don't have to plan too precisely.

An online train journey planner is available at


The cost of a taxi is usually around €1,40 per km.

Poggibonsi is 23 km from Casole,

Colle is 15 km from Casole

San Gimignano is 22 km

Siena is 42 km

Pisa is 88 km

Volterra is 23 km

Bruno Bellini can be booked in advance to pick up from varous locations, including Florence, Pisa and Colle val d'Elsa to bring you to Casole.


If arriving by car please note our check in time is after 4:30 pm and check out is by 10 am.

There is a hire firm/taxi firm in San Gimignano that has a web site in English:

If arriving by car it is easier to set your 'Sat Nav' to Via Roma, 10 rather than Via San Michele, 16 as the latter is 'unknown' to the GPS and it will take you right into the village. Please note if arriving after 8 pm DO NOT drive into the village - as you will probably received an automatic fine. It is pedestrian only after 8 pm. The best place to unload luggage is in the Piazzetta at the end of Via San Michele. Having unloaded please re-park in the main village car park which is at the junction at the very bottom of Via Roma. Unfortunately this is about 5 minutes walk from the Centre. There are some parking places on Via Roma but is cleaned once a week and no parking is allowed that morning, so cars not removed on street cleaning day could be towed.



RECOMMENDED HOTELS/B&B IN PISA AND FLORENCE - (these are places that our guests have appreciated)

PISA: Lucky House B&B This is on a good bus line between the airport and the historic city centre.

Sunflower B&B

FLORENCE: The Balcony Hotel Modestly priced and very pleasant and central